At the heart of all media productions in the industry 
is a team that can work together like a well oiled machine.

This industry exists because of good team building and good management. Without a good team, nothing can be produced in an efficient and productive manner.


Over the past sixteen years I have produced video projects, built software programs, created CD-ROM titles, and designed web sites. In every case, the success of each project has been because of the team that was assembled for the specific purpose of that project.

No one person could of done alone, what was accomplished as a group. 

No one person is any more important than another when each brings a specific skill set to the process. Whether they be an artist or a programmer, all team members are valuable. The success of a team is how well they work together and work for each other. As a Producer and Project Manager, it is my responsibility of putting together the team(s) and looking after each team members' individual satisfaction. The members of the team(s) understand their role on the project and value the roles of the other team members.