The Lighting Triangle

Unlike its Bermuda cousin, the lighting triangle doesn't make stuff disappear... it makes it show up! At least, it makes it more visible, more dynamic, and more dramatic on camera.


 If you use the lighting triangle I guarantee you that you'll notice your videos looking a little more "professional." This is handy for interviews, but it can also be used for what we call "product shots." In other words, footage of an item like a birthday gift or a new car or whatever. 

And even though it's not always required, sometimes you may want to throw a fourth light into the mix. This one would be the "background light," and it does exactly what the name implies... aim it at the background to highlight it more. 

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LIGHT – A simple explanation with picturesThis is a simple and straight forward talk about what light is, how it is applied, physics, mathematics and a few diagrams of movements of a light wave into 3 and 4 dimentions..


The main source of light is the sun, whilst the blue sky supplies a second source of light with very different characteristics. Some light is also bouncing between the white base and the ball and supplies a third source of light.





A primer on LED Lights.I was shopping (yes, guys do shop) for a Leatherman awhile back. At my local hardware store I was amazed to find over 40 different styles, colors and shapes that were available for me to choose from. These Swiss army knives on steroids have spawned an industry of “Multi-Tool” look-a-likes. Overwhelmed I finally ended up choosing one that was way too sharp for me, (ask me how I know) that was coated with a Kevlar body (I guess for deflecting bullets) and clipped on like a carabineer. But that’s not the point. The point is that when something works, people flock to it and manufactures rush to create their versions of the product.