DHL internal Newsletter
Using a video newscast is an easy way to connect with large numbers of people at once. This is an excerpt from an internal news cast. DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight. It is also the world's number 1 in ocean freight and contract logistics. DHL offers a full range of customized solutions - from express document shipping to supply chain management.

We transport shipments rapidly, safety and on time all over the world. The basis for this is our comprehensive network, combining air and ground transport for optimal delivery performance. On the one hand, this gives us worldwide reach, and on the other, a strong local presence and unique understanding of local markets and customers.



Livingston Tradeshow Video
This is a trade show video used a wallpaper between presentations. I take pride in bringing excitement and movement to an inanimate object. I received a group of comments that said the presentation looked like a music video with the product as the rock star. OK, you be the judge.



'The Schoolhouse Rock of Banking
Explaining how the banking industry works is difficult. Explaining how the mortgage process works in 2007 before it was in the news was near impossible. That is why the producers chose to back thing up and create a simple animation sequence to more easily show how the money was moving around and how your mortgage can transfer hands and become a Wall Street commodity despite the fact that it had no money behind it.



CNet Television

This is a sales video we put together to quickly show advertisers what we were doing with the shows and parts of the website. The show was hosted by Richard Hart and Gina St. John, CNET Central was the flagship program of CNET TV. It aired from 1995 to 1999 on the Sci Fi Channel and USA Network in the United States. Individual segments were hosted by Desmond Crisis, Ryan Seacrest, and Hari Sreenivasan. Reviews of software and hardware were provided by John C. Dvorak in his "Buy It, Try It, Skip It" segments. The show often ended with a segment called The Last Word featuring commentary from Dave Ross.



Ballet San Jose School
Ballet San Jose's School is a pre-professional ballet training program for students, ages 9-18. Under the direction of Dennis Nahat, Principal, students thrive in an elite atmosphere dedicated to the success of each student. Admission is by audition only.

The curriculum which combines scientific principles with elements from the classic French, Italian, and Russian schools of training. Consistent with the stylistic requirements aims to provide dancers with a rich knowledge of classical technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance.



Malou Nubla
Two-time Emmy Award winner and TV personality Malou Nubla is the host and driving force behind "MALOU REVIEW" -- the newest Bay As one of the most recognized names in the market, San Francisco Magazine readers voted Nubla, "Best TV Host."

She brings more than 15 years of experience in creating, producing, reporting and hosting for television. She is the CEO of her own production company, Malou Nubla Productions, Inc.

Most recently, Malou worked for FINE LIVING NETWORK (SCRIPPS, INC.) as Host of "A Winning Vacation" and "27 Acre Garage." In the past, she's worked for E! Entertainment, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher and appeared on Hollywood Squares for charity.

Malou hosted CBS5's nightly entertainment program, EVENING MAGAZINE for 6 years. Aside from her hosting duties, her special features included "Outdo Malou", "Makeover Mondays", "Get Fit with Malou", "Whets For Dinner", and "Bay Area Homes for Kids."



Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw at Shoreline Ampitheater

Big time rock and roll concerts was the foundation that built Shoreline. The high energy live performances cause lots of stress among performers and crew. The current crew are a cohesive team of seasoned professionals. This clip is an example of some of the requirements of this type of live performance art that we do there on an almost nightly basis.